This fall we’re holding an Intro to Falconry Workshop at ARC. I’m looking at pictures from past years and getting excited! #bird #falcon #barbary #falconry (at

It’s summer, and all the birds are busy molting. Can you see the tiny new pin feathers that Callie is growing in? #bird #kestrel #falcon #wildlife

Yesterday was a good day for flying. Until the rains came.Β 

Astro, being quite polite at weigh time. #bird #harrishawk #raptor #falconry

I’ll never get over how awesome bald eagles are. I’m so lucky to get to work with them. πŸ€πŸ‘ #bird #eagle #wildlife #rehab

TBT to last fall, and our Barbary Falcon in juvenile plumage. Fall is my favorite season - the weather cools down, and all the birds start flying again! #bird #falcon #barbary #falconry #igbird

I found some time to do a bit of birding on the way home today. Nothing terribly exciting or unusual for the area, but it’s always fun to see some familiar faces.

Summer is finally starting to wind down, although it doesn’t feel like it yet. The Swallow Tailed Kites have started their migration back to South America, and we should start seeing some migrants of our own in Florida soon.

I can’t wait until fall! It’s my favorite season.

A very poofy Falco sparverius. #bird #falcon #americankestrel #kestrel #igbird

Mrs. P., enjoying some outdoors time. πŸ¦πŸ’• #bird #owl #barredowl #wildlife #nature

Whew, it’s a hot one! A good day for baths and showers. 🐀🚿 #bird #eagle #wildlife #summer

Henry got new perching in his mews today! I think he likes it, but I can’t really tell - he has a pretty good poker face.

Osprey nesting season is coming to an end in Florida, and all our young Osprey are busy learning how to fly. This young bird hasn’t totally left the nest yet. You can tell it’s a juvenile bird by its red eyes - adult Osprey will have bright yellow eyes.Β 

Today is International Owl Awareness Day! To celebrate, our Screech Owl, Hunter - one of the smallest owls in Florida - is here to deliver your daily dose of owl! At ARC, we’re celebrating by getting ready to release our last two Great Horned Owls of the season. Hooray for owls!Β 

Archer, showing off the patch of feathers that gave Red Shouldered Hawks their name.